Flathead fishing Tours

With all of the East coast of Flinders Island and parts of the West coast to fish there are many opportunities to catch very large Flathead.

The best way to catch LARGE Flathead is to use the services of a local guide who knows the habits of these large fish, the times and tides to go fishing and the secret fishing spots.

One of the secrets of having a chance to catch these large fish is to have access to the beaches where these large flathead lurk in the holes along the sandy beaches of the East Coast of the Island.

Flathead in excess of 3kilo’s are regularly caught either by casting lures, baits or fly fishing. Other regular catches from the beaches include large quantities of salmon, trevally, gummy shark.

Rockjaw offers a guiding service for groups or individuals that will guide you along the beach and show you the best sand holes to catch large flathead. Supplying all fishing gear (rods, reels, bait and tackle) as well as transport from where ever you are staying or I can meet you at the beach and your adventure begins from there.

Also supplying Picnic or BBQ lunches and dinners as well as Tea and Coffee, Eskies and Ice for other refreshments. All the fish you would like to take home will be cleaned and fillets vacuum packed, frozen and packed in foam boxes from your trip home.

Barbeques feature local seafood such as abalone, squid, flake, flathead, prawns and crayfish or you may like to try some of our other cuisine such as wallaby steaks, local lamb, Cape Barren Goose or some of Rockjaw famous sausages.

Accommodation and air travel can be organised for your stay on Flinders Island.

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