Wallaby Hunting | RockJaw Tours
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Wallaby Hunting

wallaby-featureWallabies are one of the biggest problems faced by farmers on Flinders Island.

The issue that the farmers face is whether to poison using 1080, to shoot wallabies or just ignore the problem and ruin their pasture.

We offer the chance to hunt wallabies on 8000 acres of farmland that is surrounded by bushland.

On a typical night we can shoot up too 300 wallabies, alternately you can still hunt wallabies of a day time this can test the skill of the hunter while helping the farmers control the wallaby population.

We have two types of wallabies on the Island Bennets Wallaby (locally called roo’s ) and Roufus Wallaby (locally called pademelons).

Both of these wallabies offer excellent wallaby steaks, mince and small wallaby baked whole are a local treat.