Vansittart Island is one of the larger Islands in the Furneaux Group situated at the Eastern End of Bass Strait.

It lies off the Northeast tip of Cape Barren Island at the Eastern end of Franklin Soundand is about 7 kilometers from Lady Barron on Flinders Island.

Vansittart is over 600 hectares (1500 acres) and is surrounded by white sandy beaches and granite headlands. Gun Carriage Hill dominates the center of the Island and commands some of the best views in the Furneaux Group if not the world.

Vansittart Island was originally called Guncarriage Island as the story goes the hill reminded people of the guncarriage of a ship. However there is a another story to say that a guncarriage of a ship was found on the beach thus giving the Island its earlier name, which was changed in 1842 by John Lort Stokes , Commander of the "Beagle" whilst charting the Furneaux Group.

Vansittart Today

Vansittart Island is home to large range of wildlife and fish abound in the fertile waters surrounding the Island.

We are offering holiday packages in the summer for people that want to come to the Island to escape the rat race and enjoy an untouched paradise.

With pristine white sandy beaches this is a place you can truly relax and leave the worries of the rat race behind.

The 360 degree views from the summit of Gun Carriage Hill are unsurpassed any where in the world.